~Promise To Pray, Inc.~ - WALT SOREY'S "CHOIR WORKS"
~Promise To Pray, Inc.~ - Leaving A Legacy of Prayer for Our Children
~A Promise to Pray Branch~

Walt Sorey's "Choir Works"

We are very pleased to acknowledge Minister Walt Sorey's "Choir Works" as an official branch of The Promise to Pray Initiative!  Under the direction of Minister Sorey, an anointed minister, musician, songwriter, and producer, the choir sings to the glory of God, and continues to support the ministry that we are doing on behalf of children all around the world. 
On September 28, 2013 "Choir Works" will be in concert for Emmanuel's Hope Baptist Church.  The concert will be held at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Montclair, NJ.

To God Be The Glory!